The Connected Healing Institute

The Connected Healing Institute was founded on the vision that placing people and human interaction in the center of the healing process can benefit both patients and caregivers. Interpersonal compassionate, caring interaction can have enormous healing abilities. Each individual has self-healing abilities, and the use of compassionate, caring, respectful relationship can foster those self-healing abilities.

Healing is a journey towards wholeness and wellness, with physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects. The aspects are for the purposes of exploration and discussion. They are not reality. Anything that affects any part of an individual affects the entire individual at some level, even if very subtle. The human body does not know about the division into: physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual.

Attention to the whole person, her or his wholeness, all aspects, is the most effective way to apply any healing practice, including all the modern technologies of Western Medicine. To be a healer, a healing practitioner, one must recognize that every human interaction fosters or erodes the self-healing abilities of all those engaged in the interaction. To be a healer, rather than just a mechanical caregiver, practitioners must value the benefits of compassionate, caring relationship in applying whatever practice is being used. All healing practitioners attend to their relationship with patients/clients as being as important as the particular set of tools that they practice.

The Connected Healing Institute promotes the wholeness and the preciousness of each person, patients/clients and caregivers alike, and believes in the use of all appropriate tools, practiced by ethical practitioners, for any given patient. It is up to practitioner and patient both, using the strengths, knowledge and wisdom of both, to determine what path to follow in helping to alleviate a particular person's suffering. The preciousness and wholeness of patient/client and caregiver alike are to be recognized and cherished on the healing journey.