The Heart of Wellness

Cultivating a mind-body connection for your journey through life

We invite you to join us in the hills of Italy!

The Heart of Wellness retreat provides experiences relating to physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social wellness in order to create a stronger mind-body connection. Engage in a variety of experiences including yoga, Chi Gong, poetry, song, meditation, art-making, energy, and dream work as part of your personal exploration. Learn about the medical science that supports wellness. Become enveloped in the simplicity and the natural rhythms of the Italian countryside.

Treat yourself to a healthier future - mind, body and spirit.

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Location: Locanda del Gallo is a beautifully restored 12th century villa located in the breathtaking green Umbrian hills near the towns of Gubbio and Perugia. Lavender bushes, a hillside workshop studio, an infinity pool, sauna, extraordinary alfresco dining spaces, and panoramic views of the entire valley surround the villa. An ideal location for a wellness retreat! Locanda del Gallo combines hospitality, beauty, and a unique location near Italian cities filled with art, tradition, and culture. Three nutritious organic meals complement each day's experience.

Faculty: Michal Curry's and Harvey Zarren's innovative work together has earned them acclaim both in the USA and internationally. They bring their extensive knowledge, experience, and tools to the Heart of Wellness retreat to create a safe, joyful, educational, and healing experience that is adapted to the attendees.

Dr. Harvey Zarren Harvey Zarren, MD, FACC (Boston, Massachusetts, USA) is a cardiologist with 40 years of experience guiding individuals and groups in the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social aspects of wellness. His practice is grounded on healthy nutrition, healthy lifestyle, and healing relationship. He brings compassion, humor, the latest science, and years of medical experience, as well as a unique gift for teaching and guiding others toward personal wellness. Dr. Zarren has studied psychoneuroimmunology, clinical hypnosis, and the psychobiology of gene expression. He has a special interest in restoring and maintaining people's sense of inner safety. Dr. Zarren facilitates weekly heart and cancer support groups, as well as providing individual Wellness Consultations. He lectures and provides workshops in the US and the UK.
Michal Curry Michal Hall Curry, CYI, CHTP (Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA) is an advanced instructor and practitioner of Yoga, Healing Touch, and Breathwork. Ms. Curry incorporates a unique way of using energy work to foster self-exploration, growth, and transformation. She brings attentiveness, loving concern, and an ever-growing store of knowledge to her work with individuals and groups. Ms. Curry describes her work as "gathering pieces of the puzzle while journeying with work and play toward Wholeness." Her current work is also focused on restoring and maintaining people's sense of inner safety.

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